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Benefits of DIY (Do IT Yourself)

If you are a DIY person, you already know some of the benefits it offers.

But if have thought about trying DIY and wondered why you should even be considering it, let me take you onto this journey to help you get a better handle on it. 

Now there are obvious benefits in terms of money saved when we repair or make our own items. But, there are also many hidden benefits that you may not even have thought of. 

These include – developing new skills, inspiring your family and children to try new projects, and also self-dependence to achieve little things on your own. 
Let’s imagine you learn how to replace the parts of a broken basin, instead of calling a plumber. The only costs you will incur are the parts and tools you may need and your time, which is what a plumber would charge you most for.

You may be thinking “Oh I won’t save much with just a little job like this.”  

That’s right, with one little job you might save very little. But if you do this few times through a year on different parts at home, you'll undoubtedly save lot of money in the long run.  

Apart from that, you'll have a better understand of how plumbing works in general and then gain the confidence to take on slightly bigger plumbing projects at home.  

As you start to gain confidence on one home project like this, it will give you more confidence and excitement to start trying this at other levels and in other areas where you can save more expenses.

So, it’s worth a try. Get started with first small step, and then start taking bigger DIY strides.

DIY Boosts Health

We all know about the cost-saving and financial benefits of DIY. But it’s positive impact goes beyond that.

Involving yourself in a DIY project means you will have to ‘think’ and ‘plan’ and ‘rethink’. These steps have a powerful impact on your brain health. 

And a lot of scientific studies have proven that taking care of your mind has tremendous health benefits.

It can help improve your confidence, self-respect, self-esteem and focus. Also, when you get into the habit of completing goals and connecting with other people when you start ‘doing things yourself’, it helps to reduce risks for heart disease, high blood pressure, and other stress-related issues.  

So, overall a DIY lifestyle can actually improve your health. 

Whether you’re a DIY person or not, I’m sure at some stage or the other, you’d have considered making a minor repair or undertaking a small construction project to save the cost of hiring a professional. 

You may not officially be a DIYer, but you already do things in your life and at home that can be counted as a Do-It-Yourself activity. 

While you may argue and it may seem a little counter-intuitive to think of DIY as stress reducing, trust me it has that added benefit.  

Sometimes in the middle of a DIY project, people might find themselves cursing about a part or stressing about something that’s not working out well. Also, depending on the project people may actually experience small injuries like scratches, bruises or cuts. But, if you successfully complete a DIY project, you experience a sense of fulfilment and pride that contributes to stress reduction. 

Now, neuroscience tells us that this sense of accomplishment creates physical changes in the body. It helps release endorphins that increase your happiness levels.  

Having able to resolve little challenges that are part of any DIY project helps your brain to create new pathways of learning and boosts your confidence to take on any challenge in other areas of life.

As you think of it and realise these benefits, I’m sure you’ve already started to plan your next DIY project that you want to accomplish this weekend! 

Happy DIY-ing! 

DIY: Good for Your Home, Good for Your Soul 

The humanity has followed the tradition of DIY (Do-it-yourself) for thousands of years. We have always made and repaired things with our own hands since times immemorial.

But there was a shift away from DIY when the industrial age offered mass production of items. As a result, many of the skills involved in doing things, like woodwork, furniture painting and plumbing were forgotten. 

However, it’s exciting to see that DIY is trending again. 

Now, we have already seen and discussed the tangible benefits of DIY for your home in some of the articles. But, how does DIY help our soul? 

Here’s a few key reasons: 

1. A personal touch: When you accomplish something with your hands you add your own twist to it and a dash of your own personality, which is soul-refreshing. 

2. Sense of pride: As you finish a DIY project and step back, you start to admire your own efforts in having created something with your own hands. A moment of pride! 

3. Simple and quick projects make you feel cheerful and brighten up your home and its little nooks and corners 

4. Sustainability: When Using leftover materials like wallpaper, cards and wood for projects, you’re contributing to better waste management and helping the environment. It’s an empowering feeling. 

5. As a DIYer – you can always expect discovering new passions and the excitement that comes with it. 

6. Better relationships: If you involve your family (and kids) in a DIY project, it can bring a family together 

7. Personal Development: DIY helps you learn new skills that keeps your brain active and healthy. 

This is ample evidence that DIY gives us a sense of control and opens up new opportunities to help with our personal growth and soul power. 

When are you starting on this soul-refreshing path?

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